As described below, the Company jointly utilizes personal information obtained from customers pertaining to the sale and maintenance of products and services handled by OMRON Corporation (herein, “OMRON products, etc.”). 


Scope of Parties Eligible for Joint Usage

OMRON Corporation, domestic consolidated subsidiaries listed in the securities report of OMRON Corporation, as well as exclusive distributors of OMRON control devices under contract with the Company and OMRON control device dealers.


Utilization Purposes of Authorized Users

  1. Provision or guidance pertaining to product information and other various information related to OMRON products, etc.
  2. Guidance and implementation of campaigns, exhibits and other events pertaining to OMRON products, etc.
  3. Provision and mailing of catalogs, CD-ROMs and other various materials, samples, etc. pertaining to OMRON products, etc. 
  4. Research and analysis of questionnaires and other instruments for the planning, and development and sale of OMRON products, etc.
  5. Other usages necessary for the provision and maintenance of OMRON products, etc. requested or purchased by customers. 


Categories of Jointly Utilized Personal Data

Company names, company addresses, business offices, names of affiliations, occupational titles, names, ages, telephone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses


Name of Party Responsible for Management of Jointly Utilized Personal Data

OMRON Corporation Industrial Automation Business Company
Address:2-3-13 sinagawafuronto Bld.7F, Konan , Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0075, Japan