Handling of Personal Information from Customers

MEIJI ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. (herein, “the Company”) properly handles personal information provided by customers in strict accordance with laws and other rules or guidelines concerning the safeguard of personal information. Personal information collected by the Company or collected from customers via this website is handled as detailed below.


MEIJI ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. Policy for Safeguarding Personal Information

Below is the Company’s basic policy regarding the safeguard of personal information. This basic policy is strictly followed.

  1. The collection, usage and provision of personal information occur in an appropriate manner.
  2. Steps are taken to prevent the unauthorized access, loss or leakage, etc. of personal information.
  3.  Laws, rules or guidelines, and internal regulations regarding personal information are strictly observed.
  4. Ongoing improvement efforts are made to safeguard personal information.


Name of Business Handling Personal Information



Purpose of Utilizing Customers’ Personal Information (Herein, “Personal Information”) Collected by the Company

Personal information collected by the Company is utilized for the purposes described below. Additional approval is sought from customers for any usage of personal information for purposes other than those described below.

  1. Provision or guidance pertaining to product information and other various information related to products and services (herein, “products, etc.”) handled by the Company
  2. Guidance and implementation of campaigns, exhibits and other events pertaining to products, etc.
  3. Provision and mailing of catalogs, CD-ROMs and other various materials, samples, etc. pertaining to products, etc.
  4. Research and analysis of questionnaires and other instruments for the planning, development and sale of products, etc.
  5. Other usages necessary for the provision and maintenance of products, etc. requested or purchased by customers. 


Joint Usage of Personal Information