Aspiring for Value Creation and Provision

in Response to Changes in Society


For over 100 years, MEIJI ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES has supported the manufacturing industry by developing its business from sales of electrical equipment and, motor repair to expanding into trading, manufacturing, and overseas development in response to the changes of the times.


Throughout this history stretching back over 100 years, MEIJI ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES has striven to tackle head-on the various challenges experienced by our customers. Through products, technology, and know-how, we have provided solutions with high added value. In many cases, this has involved procuring products through our extensive network, and building systems designed to meet the needs of our customers; in other cases, it has involved developing our own products by harnessing our unique manufacturing faculty. Through these initiatives over many years, MEIJI ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES has built trust, and has firmly established its place in history.

And now, with the urgent need to develop technologies to address climate change, manage natural disaster risk, and promote decarbonization, the manufacturing industry in Japan and around the world is facing the kind of large-scale reform we see once every 100 years.

Under these circumstances, our customers are also strenuously working to solve these challenges, and the role to be played by MEIJI ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES has never been more critical. Based on the philosophy of “Trust - It all starts with people - in partnership with customers, with employees and with society,” which we have held to since our founding, now is the time for our employees to unite to contribute to both our customers, and to society.

We hope to bring enjoyment to all our stakeholders, and to become a company loved by all. In an effort to achieve this, MEIJI ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES offers solutions that are one step ahead of the challenges facing our customers, and works tirelessly to create new value in response to changes in society, and to propose value.


President and Representative Director

Hiroki Sugiwaki