1. Supply Consultation: We handle a diverse array of manufacturers and products and deliver them on-time.

  • We improve our customers’ management efficiency by delivering foreign and domestic products from manufacturers worldwide in the shortest time possible.
  • We supply both electrical and mechanical components which are essential for production equipment.
  • We conduct on-site research to identify and supply products that have missing manufacturers’ name or model numbers, etc.
  • We provide high quality products from manufacturers.
  • We offer the best delivery choice by air or sea shipment based on the situation.

2. Inventory/Price Management

  • We are able to keep inventory of high-usage and critical components.
  • We strive for price stability by significantly reducing price fluctuations caused by currency exchange rates.
  • We accept transactions in customers’ choice of currency.

3. Information Provision and Language Support

  • We investigate, propose and supply the best products for our customers.
  • We propose applications with the goal of enhancing energy savings, environmental protection, performance and quality and production floor quality and productivity.  We have a solid track record in automated inspection systems, imaging systems, AGV systems, etc.
  • We propose value analysis and cost cutting options.  We source products from local manufacturers with the goal of switching to lower priced products from emerging markets as needed.
  • We have Japanese and local language speaking staff.  We can communicate in English, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Thai and many other languages.

4. Engineering Support for Factory Automation and Energy Savings

  • We source from local manufacturers as needed for custom machinery and equipment to provide shorter delivery times and lower costs.
  • We offer high quality products, equipment and technology for customers’ total satisfaction. We fully support customer specifications from both Japan and overseas.
  • Our products and equipment are safely constructed and delivered on time. Our staff provides after-support to customers as needed.